Commissioner Peter Onoszko is a graduate of The Citadel, earned a Masters degree from The American University and was a United States Army Senior Service College fellow at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.  He completed a 25 year military career retiring from the U. S. Army as a Lieutenant Colonel.  Commissioner Onoszko served as president of the Jefferson County Commission in 2017 effectively providing leadership that saw an increase in the number of full-time dual trained EMT/Firefighters while reducing the ambulance fee.  He also took the lead in the on-going effort to consolidate public utilities over the resistance of special interests and to prevent the egregious attempt by the City of Charles Town to annex vast portions of Jefferson County without any consultation or input from the thousands of residents affected thereby.

A solid conservative, with your vote and support Commissioner Peter Onoszko will continue to serve the people and not the special interests of Jefferson County.